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LinkedIn Etiquette: Here’s What You Need To Know To Grow Your Writing Business

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660 million. That’s the number of monthly active users that LinkedIn has. Are you using LinkedIn to grow your business. Forget Facebook. LinkedIn is like your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Who would miss out on the opportunity to sell their freelance writing services to 660 million people?

LinkedIn is NOT about sales. It’s about growing your professional network. It’s about building connections and developing relationships.

Try these tips on LinkedIn.

1. Personalize your introduction message

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Don’t just use the message template that LinkedIn offers. It shows your potential connection that you probably didn’t take the time to research who they are or what they do. Instead, include a message that resonates with them. Did you hear them speak? Mention that. Maybe you have mutual connections, and their profile intrigued you. Say that. Did you read or listen to something they were featured in? Potential connections will pay more attention to a personal message.

2. Build relationships on LinkedIn

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Don’t be THAT person. You know the person who sends or accepts a new connection request and starts pitching their service, right away. That is cringe-worthy. Not only is it unprofessional, but you’re potential connection will probably let others about you spamming them. This is a good way to cause others to delete your connection requests. Instead, send a nice introductory message, thanking them for the connection.

3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

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Potential connections will check your profile before accepting your connection request or responding to your message. Keep our profile up-to-date:

It’s okay to introduce yourself with your company name and what you have. It’s not okay to introduce yourself with a sales pitch. Craft your introduction carefully, and you people won’t perceive you as a spammer desperate to make a sale.

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Your #1 Tip To Putting Out More, Engaging Content

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Quick Tip…..

If you’re a solopreneur who wants to get more traffic and visibility, then pay careful attention to this secret.

The Big Takeaway Here Is: Consistently creating content should become a habit!

If you aren’t consistently creating and put out engaging content, you’re just spinning your wheels. Engagement is all about momentum. If you only engage with your audience, sporadically– or once a a week–you won’t build momentum. And all you’ll hear from your email list and social media platforms are crickets! This is the difference between success and failure.

Social media platforms have changed the way you target people with your ads and posts. Making sure your content is targeted and “share-worthy” determines how well social media works for you….

Or not!

Bottom line: good content that’s published consistently will drive your business’s engagement which will ultimately grow your tribe and have people throwing their wallet at you.

Here’s the thing: you want to develop the habit of creating useful content and schedule it on a consistent basis. One way to do this to develop a content calendar.

So here’s a secret that will work for the vast majority of people who use a content calendar:

  • Create a list of all the content you could possibly write, record, share, etc
  • Decide how often you will post.
  • Have a very specific plan for each week. For example, you could include a case study every other week, an infographic the first week of each month, and a roundup each Friday. – Neil Patel
  • Have variety. You could have long form posts, videos, newsletters, graphics, articles, case studies etc
  • Schedule content out 4-6 weeks, in advance.

If this this too much, in the beginning, start with one week at a time and then increase it every week, until you have 4-6 weeks scheduled out. Do this and you’ll develop the consistent content creation habit before you know it!

Bonus: Have a variety of topics and repurpose content you’ve already published.

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