Are you a health or nursing brand who wants to improve health equity, build trust, and promote diversity and inclusion? Healthcare influencers — creators or influencers who are licensed, healthcare professionals — can be an important voice for instilling trust in nursing and health brands, including hospital systems.

“Social media enhances communications by creating a comfortable, often anonymous, environment for engaging and exchanging information.” (HealthCare Finance)

Because people are taking a more active role in their health, they turn to social media for information on how to manage chronic conditions, diet and exercise, and even their choice in a physician. Consumers find influencers more helpful and trustworthy than brands. Who better to connect with your audience than a trusted healthcare professional?

The Healthcare Influencer Network offers a comprehensive suite of influencer marketing services to create inclusive content and social media campaigns to give you a wider, more diverse content strategy and audience base. Do you want to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Increase Engagement
  • Expand your audience base
  • Educate your audience
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Grow your social media presence
If you answered yes to any of these, connect with The Healthcare Influencer Network Today



Are you a licensed, healthcare professionals who beleives in promoting health equity, inclusion, and diversityy? Do you enjoy creating content, but]are only being paid in product? Do you want to make more IMPACTFUL content, on a larger scale, and get paid to do what you love?

Join the Healthcare Influencer Network today.

When you join HIN you’ll be matched with nursing and health brands to cureate, meangingful content. You’ll also:

  • Earn cash for the content you create
  • Learn for industry experts
  • Receieve discounts. merch, and exclusive perks from our partners
  • Gain support with your content creation and captions, PRN
  • Be a part of an infleuncer network that’s exclusively for healthcare professionals
  • Grow your auidence
  • Meet other healthcare professionals, creators, and influencers
  • Grow your personal and digital brand
  • Grow your audience
  • Create content that impacts your community



Dominate Social Media & Grow Your Brand

We match brands with content creators aka influencers who are healthcare professionals. We provide nursing and health brands and businesses with a comprehensive suite of influencer marketing services to reach their target audience.

Why should you work with us?

  • We are the first agency that works exclusively with healthcare professionals. We do not work with influencers in other industries

  • Founded by a nurse

  • Ran by healthcare professionals

  • We have personal relationships with many of our influencers (know, like, trust)

What influencer services do we offer?

Influencer Match-Making

We identify influencers that resonate with your target audience and match them with your brand.

Content Campaigns

We’ll craft content campaigns that complement your brand’s content marketing.

Business Management

No need to worry about the logistics. We handle all back-end paperwork including negotiating influencer contracts and payment.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Development

We’ll work with your team to develop engaging influencer marketing campaigns that increase awareness, engagement, and drive conversions.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We’re your eyes and ears. We’ll closely monitor and evaluate influencer content.

“Working with Portia was absolutely a pleasure. Not only does Portia bring a wealth of clinical experience and insights to the table, she also has a pulse on one of the largest groups of nurses — millennials. All the content  created for us was engaging, high-quality, and resonated well with our audience. Portia has a great turnaround time and was an all-around joy to work with!”


Content and Social Media Manager