Meet Your Content Strategist

Hey, I’m Portia Wofford – an award-winning nurse turned content marketer. I have more than 10 years of experience as a nurse and a unique skill for untangling healthcare and medical terminology to educate, engage, and attract clients and patients.

I spent my first two years, as a home health nurse struggling with ways to get my patients to retain my teachings. My solution was creating content the everyday person could process, understand, engage with, AND actually want to read.

As my patients’ rehospitalizations decreased–I had the lowest in my pod and office–I realized the everyday person wanted to read content that’s relatable and engaging.

I know that you can have this same success.

As a bedside nurse (and eventually a staff development director), I spent time creating content and solutions for my employers that affected patient outcomes.

These days, I work with 6 and 7 figure brands to create inclusive content and content strategy. I’ve created content for small business owners with only two clients and 7 figure brands with a reach of millions.

I use my words, literally, to improve lives and businesses.

Make worrying about driving targeted eyeballs to your content, services and products a thing of the past.

I work with brands who need a little (or a lot of) help making their content work…..

I’m the peanut butter to your jelly if you:

  • Are you ready to invest in transformative content strategy that works
  • Know what you want to say, but don’t know how to say it
  • Want to describe what you do with ease
  • Need to get back to building your business and rapidly save yourself time
  • Want content that’s lively and full of personality
  • Want to create credible content that reaches your entire audience

In just THREE DAYS, Portia helped my business progress. The 1st day, alone, I scheduled 5 sessions! A week later, I had 8 sessions within 3 local cities. Thank you so much, Portia, for helping me get started! You are amazing!


Let’s chat about growing your company by getting more engagement and traffic with content strategy that converts!