Creating Content That Serves Your Customer

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Have you ever looked at your content from your clients or customers’ point of view? When writing content, you should always consider your clients when producing content.

First, define your target audience. Don’t think of your audience as one entity. Each person is an individual. In the nursing world, we have what we call careplans. We individualize careplans for each patient. Sure, patients may have similar diagnoses, medications, or problems, but each person needs something different. Do the same with your audience. When defining your target audience, you are describing one person. Get to know this person. Their likes and dislikes. What are their problems? Where do they hang out? The more you know about him or her, the easier it will become to craft engaging content. Be as detailed as possible. This will be the person you’re writing, podcasting, or speaking to. Let’s run through some questions you may want to ask yourself as create your content.

Does The Headline Stop Them Midsentence?

Examine the headline of each piece of content. This includes subject lines for emails.  A good headline or subject can determine if your target will continue reading or not. It can be helpful to look at the insights on social media and blog posts to decide what types of posts have high engagement. You could do the same for your emails by looking at the stats in your software to find out what emails have high open rates. Revise the headline or subject lines of those that don’t perform well and find a way to grab your readers’ attention.

How Is Your Content Serving Your Audience?

Look at each piece of content and ask yourself if it truly serves your audience. How is it helping your readers? Are you answering their questions, addressing their concerns, or just entertaining them? Keep the individual person in mind as you work through the content. If something doesn’t serve them change it, as needed. Remember, content marketing is about building relationships. You have to earn your audience’s trust before they become a part of your consumer base.

Is Your Service or Product The Best To Recommend?

Let’s be honest. In business, it all boils to monetizing. Of course, you want to start earning income from your content. However, you should always have your customers or clients’ best interest at the forefront. Is what you’re selling worth their investment of time and money? Does it solve a problem and offer a solution?  Make sure your offers provide value to your audience.

Take the time to read through your content and make improvements. This may mean deleting entire blog posts, emails, articles, etc. Quality outperforms quantity, and you should be considerate of your readers’ time. Continue to put out crappy content, and we guarantee it will kill your audience. If you want to be in this for a while, take care of your tribe and they’ll take care of you. Don’t worry; you don’t have to go at it, alone. We’re here to help with your content strategy.