Ask Why

Is there a generational gap with your employees? Are you having a difficult time attracting and retaining millennial and post millennial professionals? 


Millennial turnover, alone, costs U.S. companies $30.5 billion annually, and the cost of replacing every nurse that turns over is approximately $90,000. With Ask whY we focus on educating organizations to market to, recruit, and retain the top Generation Y and Z nurses and healthcare professionals. We offer in-house and virtual workshops tailored to your team’s needs that target the pain points hindering your employee retention:

  • Identifying the differences in communication styles between generations
  • Bridging generational gaps
  • Education management on what Generations Y and Z are seeking in employment, particularly management and supervisors
  • Identify what Millennials and Post-Millennials need to be successful in the workplace
  • Personalized professional development training

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The COntent Concept

I created The Content Concept when I realized that so many healthcare companies and entrepreneurs struggled with creating consistent content. These companies spend a lot of time and money on marketing and research. But the second they sit down to create content for their blogs, newsletters, or emails lists–YOU CAN HEAR A PIN DROP! You won’t find visibility without content. Getting in front of your ideal client, patient, or audience REGULARLY-with the RIGHT content- sets successful businesses apart from those who aren’t so successful. The Content Concept is here to help! 


I am a published author and writer with a diverse writing experiences. I have sharpened my skills, put in hours and hours of research and practice, and I’ve nailed down a process that yields visible results. The Content Concept’s team is available for freelance work. We turn around high-quality content, that is thoroughly researched and grammatically correct. Our favorite topics include but are not limited to nursing, healthcare, dementia, Alzheimer’s, issues that affect minorities & women, & millennials and post-millennials (Gen Z).  Don’t see what you need? Have no fear! We have a large network of writers, bloggers, and researchers who are sure to satisfy your needs.


We offer content conception for:

  • Blogs 
  • Articles
  • Newsletters 
  • Patient brochures and education
  • Emails 
  • Website copy 
  • And more                                                                                                                                          

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Professional Strategies

Are you a new grad? Entering the workforce? Seeking a promotion or transfer? Do you feel you lack the tools and resources? Let’s work together to develop a strategy to get you where you desire to be. We are offering a virtual course to teach the skills you’ll need to transition into or through the workforce. Then, together we’ll create a plan of action to:

  • Establish your professional and personal priorities
  • Revamp or create your resume and cover letter
  • Teach you interviewing techniques
  • Teach you salary negotiation strategies
  • Identify crucial skills to successfully transition to a new job or job title
  • Access resources or tools to help with career advancement or development
  • Set realistic and attainable goals

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Do you need a speaker for your event; organizational meetings; conference; member of your panel; or guest on your show or podcast? Our founder can assist. She is available to lend the millennial voice and point of view:

  • Gaining and retaining millennial and post-millennial nurses
  • Gaining and retaining millennial and post-millennial consumers
  • Documentation in the long term care setting (specifically medicare and skilled nursing documentation)
  • Millennial leadership 

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