Content that engages

Use the power of words to get more engagement, sales, clicks, and subscribers

Say goodbye to the frustration content that’s not engaging and doesn’t convert. Avoid the the trap of DIY copy that you put together with generic templates and content that doesn’t convert… only to find it’s not engaging and you hate it. Let’s work together so that you can completely avoid failing to find the right messages, stories, and words.

Writing copy

Creating content that’s credible, relevant, and engaging can be a difficult task. Finding trained healthcare writers is more difficult.

Have you ever thought what it would look like, for your team, to have a qualified, highly skilled healthcare professional write your content?

Forget the hassle of finding the right reads and relevant and credible content, what would it look like to have a licensed nurse ready to write?

Look no further. I am a published writer who creates binge-worthy content for health related businesses.

I pride myself on keeping my finger on the pulse on trending topics in nursing and healthcare.

My large network consists of subject matter experts and I create content that engages, informs, and educates your audience.

If you’re ready to take your content to the next level, let’s connect and turn your words into magic! 

I create content for:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Courses
  • Health education
  • News stories

Portia is a skilled, thoughtful, and punctual writer. She produces high-quality content for our top nursing blog and has excellent connections. In a short-time Portia has become one our "go-to" writers. 

Content Director

done-for-you copywriting

Do you constantly struggle with having to spend every waking moment marketing your product or service, but don’t know what to say? Answer the questions, below….

  1. What if you could consistently and seamlessly crank out good, high-converting content?
  2. What would it mean to your business if your sales messages connected to your clients, while providing value AND hyping up the benefits of your service or product?
  3. How important is it for you to immediately set yourself apart from the crowd by connecting with readers to drive engagement and conversion?

You’re in the right place for high-converting, binge-worthy words your business needs?

Shall we begin?

  • SALES COPYWRITING -Done-for-you high-energy copy for  emails, sales pages, landing pages, and opt-ins. Let’s crank out those wallet-throwing words.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA COPYWRITING- Done-for-you engaging captions for your social media pages.
Portia has been an invaluable asset to me and all of my businesses for years! Whenever I ask for her assistance, she is prompt to answer my call and she always exceeds my expectations. I've watched her writing style evolve over the years and I'm so proud of her and all of her accomplishments. I would rate her services as 10 out 10 and I highly recommend her to my network all of the time.
Registered Nurse & Founder Of Cansoom

Content Strategy

content strategy

Curating content is more than just posting occasionally on social media or your blog. As with everything else in your business, you need a solid content marketing plan to get a leg up on competition. You need a content strategy.

If you’re having trouble planning your content or need some fresh ideas you’ve come to the right place.

We will create a plan for your content and identify:

  • Your target audience
  • What problems you solve
  • How to repurpose content you’ve already created and make money
  • The formats you’ll focus on
  • Where you’ll publish your content
  • How you’ll manage creation and publication
Working with Portia was absolutely a pleasure. Not only does she bring a wealth of clinical experience and insights to the table, all the content she created for us was engaging, high-quality, and resonated well with our audience. She has a great turnaround time and was an all-around joy to work with!
Editorial Director