Copywriting That Converts Readers to Clients

content that makes your brand stand out

You want to get paying clients.

Sell more services.

Engage your audience with content that connects.

AND present your products and services in a way that makes clients pull out their wallets……

But you don’t know how to write words that convert readers to clients. 

Your current content doesn’t connect with the right people because you’re failing to find the right words and messages.

You ideal client doesn’t know you’re the right person because you struggle with presenting clarity in your offers.

What if it were possible to get back to enjoying, what you love without the hassle of finding the right words or sales messages?

What if you could connect with the right people, change their lives, AND offer premium services because they couldn’t wait to click the “buy now” or “subscribe” button?

How would your life change if you learn content strategies to turn content you’ve already created into dollars?

Creating engaging content can be difficult. It can be frustrating trying to get your message across to people. What’s even more frustrating? Trying to get your customers and clients to understand the value of your offer. YOU understand the life-changing solution that you have to their problems. But how can you get them to see it AND sling their money at you?

Hey Y'all!

I spent my first two years, as a home health nurse struggling with ways to get my patients to retain my teachings. My solution was creating content the everyday person could process, understand, engage with, AND actually want to read. 

As my patients’ rehospitalizations decreased–I had the lowest in my pod and office–I realized the everyday person wanted to read content that’s relatable and engaging. 

 I know that you can have this same success.

I’m Portia Wofford–an experienced nurse, professional writer and word junkie. Simply put. I write words. And I love it! As a bedside nurse (and eventually a staff development coordinator), I spent time creating content and solutions for my employers that affected patient outcomes.

These days, I manage a team of nurse writers and we create binge-worthy content and sales messages, for healthcare brands, organizations, and businesses, that convinces their readers to reach for their wallets. 

I’ve created content for small business owners with only two clients and large publications with a reach of millions.

I use my words, literally, to improve lives and businesses.

Fun Facts about me…

  • I’m a Southern girl, Bama born & bred (ROLL TIDE ROLL), so my “Y’all” is for real
  • When my teachers told me to use my words, I turned them into an entire poetry exhibit in the middle school library
  • Discovered I had a knack for connecting people to my words when I won my first 4H speaking contest in 4th grade
  • 9+ years as a nurse who learned how to untangle healthcare and medical terminology to drastically decrease my patients rehospitalization rate and educate nursing departments
  • Self-taught copywriter
  • Written engaging and high-performing content for various platforms
  • I have an extreme phobia of escalators

Make worrying about driving targeted eyeballs to your content, services and products a thing of the past.  

I work with brands who need a little (or a lot of) help making their content  work…..

I’m the peanut butter to your jelly if you:

–> Are ready to invest in transformative copy that works

–> Know what you want to say, but don’t know how to say it

–> Want to describe what you do with ease

–> Need to get back to building your business and rapidly save yourself time

–> Want content that’s lively and full of personality

–> Need someone to manage your content

–> Need a team of qualified nurse writers to create credible content

You May Have Seen Me....

How cAN i hELP yOU?



what people are saying...

Portia is a skilled, thoughtful and punctual writer. She produces high-quality content for our top nursing blog and has excellent connections with interesting nurses, entrepreneurs, and other healthcare professionals. In a short time, Portia has become one of our "go to" writers.

Content Director-

In JUST THREE DAYS Portia helped my business progress. The 1st day, alone, I scheduled 5 sessions! A week later, I had 8 sessions within 3 local cities. Thank you so much, Portia, for helping me get started! You are amazing!

Mathematician & Founder of RHOyal Calculations

“I've worked with Portia on a few projects and she is exceptional! I value her professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail. Portia is truly an indispensable asset to any team!”

Registered Nurse & founder of Cansoom

Portia is a consummate professional, enthusiastic, and high energy! We've done business together and co-hosted a limited series podcast- Marketing For Nurses.  She bridges the gap between business and Nursing incredibly well! Given her Nursing background, her specific niche in healthcare writing and content strategy is incredibly rare.  I've found her marketing strategy to be top tier and I encourage any Healthcare professional who wants to establish better content to go to Portia.  

Founder- NpHub

I brought Portia on to write a few articles for my website. She did a great job assessing my needs and delivering beyond my expectations. The work was completed in time and needed minimal revisions. I highly recommend her writing services.

Nurse Practitioner and founder of The Secret Cocktail

"Working with Portia was absolutely a pleasure. Not only does she bring a wealth of clinical experience and insights to the table, she also has a pulse on one of the largest groups of nurses — millennials. All the content she created for us was engaging, high-quality, and resonated well with our audience. She has a great turnaround time and was an all-around joy to work with!"

Editorial Manager of

Portia has been an invaluable asset to me and all of my businesses for years! Whenever I ask for her assistance, she is prompt to answer my call and she always exceeds my expectations. I would rate her services as 10 out 10 and I highly recommend her to my network all of the time.

Founder of Nurse CEO

"Portia Wofford is brilliant and I’m always given more influential advice than I knew I needed. Her strategies are given in a manner that inexperienced albeit, aspiring entrepreneurs could easily understand. What I like most about her service is the consistent high quality advise is friendly and non-patronizing. She understands me and helped me achieve my business goals."

Registered Nurse, media personality, & founder of Fly RN Enterprises

“Portia provided excellent, timely, and useful feedback regarding a social media audit that she conducted for me. As a new entrepreneur, I couldn't be more grateful that someone extended their services such as this to help boost my social media audience and grow my business. It's very empowering. It's always great to have a professional and unbiased opinion and Portia has provided that for me. I would highly recommend her services to any business professional I know. Thank you!”

Registered Nurse and Consultant

“As a Registered Nurse, I have the pleasure of knowing Portia because we are both in the healthcare profession. Portia is hard-working, self-motivated and she has a compassionate spirit. In addition to nursing, she is extremely talented in branding & professional blogging. I highly recommend Portia to potential customers.”

Registered Nurse & Serial Entrepreneur

“Portia is the Millennial Nurse Entrepreneur to know. With an uncanny way of writing that demonstrates prestige and quality, she can handle multiple projects at once as well as connect the dots in areas that might seem gray to you. She can network extremely well and her work (blogs and writing) are excellent! She was the missing link that my business needed.”

Registered Nurse & founder of Michelle Rhodes Media, LLC


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