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Let’s set the scene: Jackie woke up today feeling under the weather – sore throat, headache, fever – the works. She recently moved to the area and isn’t familiar with the nearby healthcare services. 

Dan’s is suffering from maskne. Nicole’s is getting married in a month and her acne is flaring up. And Bianca can’t decide between Juvaderm and Restlyine.

So, what do Jackie, Dan, Nicole, and Bianca do?  They hop online to check out clinics in their city,  After a few minutes of reading the reviews of top ranked offices, they schedule an appointment with a clinic that sadly, is not yours.

But why? After all, your practice offers state-of-the-art care and has a wonderful reputation throughout the community. Well, the reality is that if your online presence is in poor health, you’re going to miss out on countless opportunities to attract new patients.

This can be a hard pill to swallow. So, what’s the solution?

Let The PW Agency help you outrank your competitors and secure your spot in Google’s top search results. Establish your visibility though high reviews and solidify your credibility online.

Our nurse writers, SEO specialists, and content strategists specialize in developing digital real estate for the healthcare industry that drives website traffic, boosts Google rankings and puts your services in front of clients and patients who need you most.

Our services have been sought out by private practices, nursing staffing agencies, home health care agencies, hospice agencies, and various healthcare entities. We know better than anyone how limited you are on time, which is why we want to do our part to lighten the burden.

As experienced healthcare professionals, we understand first-hand how chaotic and nonstop a typical day can be. Between tending to patients and dealing with administrative needs, you quickly realize that it’s nearly impossible to have time to develop content, to educate patients and clients, and promote your organization.

And while you may not have time, we do.

Ready to flood the internet with blogs, 5- star reviews, and articles, newsletters, and educational content that drives more traffic, attracts more leads and positions your practice as an industry go-to? 

Looking to become the #1 practice in your area?

Patient care is your top priority. And here at The PW Agency, you can count on us to get the word out about your dedication to serving clients and providing patients with the best possible care. How?

Our dedicated SEO experts, nurse writers, and communication specialists work to increase your ranking and help you outperform your competitors by making you the go-to choice for your ideal patients or clients that are searching for your service.

We get you ranked in the top 3 in Google map pack on the first page Google and get you raving 5-star reviews to establish a credible and visible online presence that attracts new patients and clients.

We’re also known for turning complex medical concepts and terminology into engaging, informative and relatable content – all without our clients needing to spend hours explaining industry terms and verbiage to us.

PLUS, we understand search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and have used our expertise to get our clients’ websites, blog posts, articles and more where they belong – at to the top of Google rankings.

And we’re here to do the same for you.


Meet the Nurse Behind The PW Agency

Hey, I’m Portia Wofford – an award-winning nurse turned healthcare marketing pro, and founder of The PW Agency. I have more than 10 years of experience as a nurse and a unique skill for untangling healthcare and medical terminology to educate, engage, and attract clients and patients.

Clients benefit from our strategic, high-performing approach to rankings and review and reputation management  called the plan of C.A.R.E. Through this approach, we ensure every piece of content we produce:

  1. You outrank your competitors
  2. Your online reputation is top tier
  3. You convert leads to patients

Our signature done-for-you approach has proven to be extremely successful for our clients and I’m confident it will garner the results you want for your organization.

Ready to establish your authority and credibility and get the word out about your healthcare services? Let The PW Agency help you do precisely that.


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what people are saying...

Portia is a skilled, thoughtful and punctual writer. She produces high-quality content for our top nursing blog and has excellent connections with interesting nurses, entrepreneurs, and other healthcare professionals. In a short time, Portia has become one of our "go to" writers.

Content Director- Nurse.org

In JUST THREE DAYS Portia helped my business progress. The 1st day, alone, I scheduled 5 sessions! A week later, I had 8 sessions within 3 local cities. Thank you so much, Portia, for helping me get started! You are amazing!

Mathematician & Founder of RHOyal Calculations

“I've worked with Portia on a few projects and she is exceptional! I value her professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail. Portia is truly an indispensable asset to any team!”

Registered Nurse & founder of Cansoom

Portia is a consummate professional, enthusiastic, and high energy! We've done business together and co-hosted a limited series podcast- Marketing For Nurses.  She bridges the gap between business and Nursing incredibly well! Given her Nursing background, her specific niche in healthcare writing and content strategy is incredibly rare.  I've found her marketing strategy to be top tier and I encourage any Healthcare professional who wants to establish better content to go to Portia.  

Founder- NpHub

I brought Portia on to write a few articles for my website. She did a great job assessing my needs and delivering beyond my expectations. The work was completed in time and needed minimal revisions. I highly recommend her writing services.

Nurse Practitioner and founder of The Secret Cocktail

"Working with Portia was absolutely a pleasure. Not only does she bring a wealth of clinical experience and insights to the table, she also has a pulse on one of the largest groups of nurses — millennials. All the content she created for us was engaging, high-quality, and resonated well with our audience. She has a great turnaround time and was an all-around joy to work with!"

Editorial Manager of Relode.com

Portia has been an invaluable asset to me and all of my businesses for years! Whenever I ask for her assistance, she is prompt to answer my call and she always exceeds my expectations. I would rate her services as 10 out 10 and I highly recommend her to my network all of the time.

Founder of Nurse CEO

"Portia Wofford is brilliant and I’m always given more influential advice than I knew I needed. Her strategies are given in a manner that inexperienced albeit, aspiring entrepreneurs could easily understand. What I like most about her service is the consistent high quality advise is friendly and non-patronizing. She understands me and helped me achieve my business goals."

Registered Nurse, media personality, & founder of Fly RN Enterprises

“Portia provided excellent, timely, and useful feedback regarding a social media audit that she conducted for me. As a new entrepreneur, I couldn't be more grateful that someone extended their services such as this to help boost my social media audience and grow my business. It's very empowering. It's always great to have a professional and unbiased opinion and Portia has provided that for me. I would highly recommend her services to any business professional I know. Thank you!”

Registered Nurse and Consultant

“As a Registered Nurse, I have the pleasure of knowing Portia because we are both in the healthcare profession. Portia is hard-working, self-motivated and she has a compassionate spirit. In addition to nursing, she is extremely talented in branding & professional blogging. I highly recommend Portia to potential customers.”

Registered Nurse & Serial Entrepreneur

“Portia is the Millennial Nurse Entrepreneur to know. With an uncanny way of writing that demonstrates prestige and quality, she can handle multiple projects at once as well as connect the dots in areas that might seem gray to you. She can network extremely well and her work (blogs and writing) are excellent! She was the missing link that my business needed.”

Registered Nurse & founder of Michelle Rhodes Media, LLC


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