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High turnover rate? Always have open positions? Call-outs at an all time high? Ask whY? Here at Ask whY we take pride in assisting people, companies, and organizations in identifying pain points and strengths to develop unique programs to increase employee retention; particularly millennial and post millennials.

Concierge Writing

You want to drive more traffic to your website...but how are you supposed to find the time? Maybe you don't have the time or resources to create content. Every time you've attempted to make a writing schedule or sit down to write..CRICKETS! Visibility is one of those things that sets successful businesses apart from those that-well aren't so successful. Getting in front of your ideal clients and customers REGULARLY-with the RIGHT content- can make or break your business. Let's work together to build a content powerhouse. We have a team of experienced writers and researchers available for freelance writing services.

Career Strategies

Are you a new grad? Entering the workforce? Seeking a promotion or transfer? Do you feel you lack the tools and resources? Let’s work together to develop a strategy to get you where you desire to be. We are offering a virtual course to teach the skills you’ll need to transition into or through the workforce.

Millennial Contribution

Whether you need a speaker for you event, member of your panel, or guest on your show or podcast we our founder can assist. Portia is available to lend the millennial voice and point of view.

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“I've worked with Portia on a few projects and she is exceptional! I value her professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail. Portia is truly an indispensable asset to any team!”

Registered Nurse & founder of Korneagay Kollective, Inc

"Working with Portia was absolutely a pleasure. Not only does she bring a wealth of clinical experience and insights to the table, she also has a pulse on one of the largest groups of nurses — millennials. All the content she created for us was engaging, high-quality, and resonated well with our audience. She has a great turnaround time and was an all-around joy to work with!"

Editorial Manager of Relode.com

“As a Registered Nurse, I have the pleasure of knowing Portia because we are both in the healthcare profession. Portia is hard-working, self-motivated and she has a compassionate spirit. In addition to nursing, she is extremely talented in branding & professional blogging. I highly recommend Portia to potential customers.”

Registered Nurse & Serial Entrepreneur

“Portia provided excellent, timely, and useful feedback regarding a social media audit that she conducted for me. As a new entrepreneur, I couldn't be more grateful that someone extended their services such as this to help boost my social media audience and grow my business. It's very empowering. It's always great to have a professional and unbiased opinion and Portia has provided that for me. I would highly recommend her services to any business professional I know. Thank you!”

Registered Nurse and Consultant

“Portia is someone who I consider extremely knowledgeable about all things nurse entrepreneur related. She is very passionate about nurses reaching their full potential and being well equipped with valuable connections and resources. She is the go to source.”

Registered Nurse, CEO and Founder of Walker Wellness Group

“Portia is the Millennial Nurse Entrepreneur to know. With an uncanny way of writing that demonstrates prestige and quality, she can handle multiple projects at once as well as connect the dots in areas that might seem gray to you. She can network extremely well and her work (blogs and writing) are excellent! She was the missing link that my business needed.”

Registered Nurse & founder of Michelle Rhodes Media, LLC

"Portia Wofford is brilliant and I’m always given more influential advice than I knew I needed. Her strategies are given in a manner that inexperienced albeit, aspiring entrepreneurs could easily understand. What I like most about her service is the consistent high quality advise is friendly and non-patronizing. She understands me and helped me achieve my business goals."

Registered Nurse, media personality, & founder of Fly RN Enterprises


About us

Portia Wofford Enterprises is the parent company which houses Ask whY, and freelance writing services.

Ask whY gives healthcare organizations strategies to close generational gaps and to retain the newest and largest generation of competent nurses. We offer virtual and in-house courses and workshops.

Do you need an experienced writer for your newsletter, blog, patient brochures, website copy? PWE offers concierge writing services.

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